Monday, December 13, 2010

Boundary Stream Birdlife

Well most weekends I have spent a day out at Boundary Stream again, this place is a predator control mainland Island which is quite successful and it shows with the birdlife and forest health.
Predator control is going quite well because last weekend I found a pair of rifleman nesting on the ground and these guys normally nest high in trees.

Whats been really interesting as of the past few weeks has been the nesting falcons in the gully, NZ Falcon's are known to dive bomb people that get close to their nesting area and attack if you get really close.
One day I was walking down the track by the Gully and I heard a falcon calling, sure enough one came and landed in the tree not to far from me so I decided to watch her for a while "She must have got sick of me cos she did try an dive bomb on me once and then the male came and did a few low passes of me" It was great being so close to a bird like that.
Below are some of the shots taken, One thing I have learned is to always watch my back because some of the falcon have got very close when you least expect it!

New Zealand Falcon Approaches
New Zealand Falcon

The watchful eye of the Falcon
  Also Kokako numbers have increased quite a bit with predator control their is now around 30  birds living in the area and becoming more common to see them in early morning and evening also I found a nest from last year around by the bush in the car park.

North Island Kokako
  The other bush birds such as Tui, bellbird, Robins and Tomtits are all doing well and nesting at this time, below is a tomtit with a mouth full of insects to feed his chicks taken last weekend.

North Island Robin in Full Song

Tomtit with Mouth full of Insects

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