Monday, November 29, 2010

Rifleman Nesting Time!

Well recently I have been going to Boundary Stream Mainland Island which is about a hours drive from Napier, its a great place to go to for bush birds plus it gets really good in the summer with lots of bird activity with nesting.
Late last year when I first got my camera I was walking back down one of the tracks and found a little rifleman hopping around on the ground getting nesting material to build a nest, they are great little birds to watch and the smallest in NZ.

This year I wanted to find another nest and spend a bit more time with them, I managed to find another nest because the one I found last year had broke in the recent heavy winds and rain.
Anyone that has seen a rifleman knows they are super quick but a very rewarding bird to photograph.
These shots are around the nest hole with the parents and chicks of last year bringing food to the young.

The Graceful Rifleman

North Island Rifleman

Showing off his Spider

Male Rifleman


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