Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dotterel's at Ocean beach

Over the past few months I have been doing a dotterel project during first light.
I have seen shots of birds taken during the early hours of the morning and what better birds to try it on then NZ Dotterels so one morning I got up really early like 3am in the morning and did a journey to the breeding areas of these guys, its a wee bit of a walk to the location and drive hence the early wake up "but so worth it getting out on the beach and watching shooting stars on the way, plus that feeling that your the only one out there (which I was because no one else is properly that crazy)"

Below is a collection of some of the images I have taken, quite happy to see dotterels mating which isn't something you see often.
Great birds to watch and photograph.

On another note I went out again this weekend but no nesting, it has been a month and a bit since I was last out there so maybe they nested and something happened to the nest.

New Zealand Dotterel with First Rays of Sun

Dont you just love the Red light of a Sunrise

The First Moments of Sunrise is Golden Hour

New Zealand Dotterel Gang

New Zealand Dotterels doing the Business

New Zealand Dotterels